Soile Juujärvi

The driving force behind the lifelong learning project is Soile Juujärvi, a docent in social psychology and Principal Lecturer in social and health care studies at the Laurea University of Applied Sciences. She has been actively involved in the development of skill-based curricula.

According to Juujärvi, a comprehensive understanding of the skills and knowledge required in today’s working environment is a prerequisite for successful development efforts.

“My focus is on studying care ethics and the related developments in social and health care training and education. Ethical thinking and professional ethics are particularly important now, when we are facing changes in the social and health care sector.”

One of the key challenges in the social and health care sector lies in implementing a client-oriented approach. This has been the topic of several discussions, but how is it implemented in practice? When referring individuals to services and making decisions, we should be able to consider the comprehensive set of services a client needs, and not merely our own limited area of expertise. This requires multiprofessional and cross-sectional collaboration, which should be taught from basic training onwards.

“In this area, the health care sector needs to learn from the social sector. However, the health care sector is better at using evidence-based information to support decision-making. On the one hand, digitalisation has its advantages, but on the other, the personal contact traditionally characteristic of the sector will decrease as a result.”

“The project is based on the understanding that we need to master decision-making skills. We have decided to apply the lifelong learning approach, because professionals also need more training in decision-making and better tools to support it.”

In Juujärvi’s workplace, Laurea, the educational philosophy is to learn by developing. In practice, this award-winning model means that students participate in the development of practices implemented in the work environment and learn through participation in the related projects.

Soile Juujärvi is also the author of one of the most popular textbooks on the ethics of social and health care. (Eettinen herkkyys ammatillisessa toiminnassa, Soile Juujärvi, Liisa Myyry, Kaija Pesso, 2011)

For more information, please read “Article: Skills, decision-making, and lifelong learning”

Article written by Soile Juujärvi & Sini Silvàn on 27th January 2017.

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