Kolme henkilöä keskustelevat pöydän äärellä

The number of immigrants as employees and customers is increasing. This represents a challenge for the competence of personnel in health and social services.

This subproject is exploring:

  • immigrants’ experiences of working in the health and social services sector in Finland
  • operations, challenges and management of a multicultural work community

The study further involves presenting and piloting best practices in improving on-the-job training for immigrants.

The research data are being compiled with:

  • a nationwide questionnaire for nurses and physicians from immigrant backgrounds
  • a COPE project questionnaire for management and employees of the participant organisations
  • document analysis
  • focus group interviews and themed interviews.

Intervention pilots are being implemented together with the Axxell Multicultural Centre. The interventions make use of new, innovative platforms such as online platforms, videos, mobile apps and online materials.

Principal investigator of the subproject:
Tarja Heponiemi
Senior Researcher

Kim Josefsson, Tarja Heponiemi ja Laura Hietapakka

Researchers of the subproject:
Kim Josefsson, Tarja Heponiemi and Laura Hietapakka
e-mail addresses: firstname.lastname@thl.fi

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