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The digitalisation subproject involves studying how electronic health and social services could be implemented effectively and how professionals can be supported in the adoption of the new services.

Electronic services with better availability and equality form a key part of the health and social services reform. Their purpose is to help citizens care for their own health, with professional support. Professionals will play a significant role in the successful adoption of the new services.

The implementation of new services has proved to be challenging, as it requires a shift in professional identity, attitudes, roles and work processes.

The subproject involves collecting feedback on the use of electronic services to identify factors supporting efficient use:

  • Willingness to use a service is enhanced by how useful it is perceived to be, how easy it is to use, how suitable it is for existing work processes and how the service is implemented in the organisation.
  • Supporting professionals and citizens in this shift may involve early promotion of the benefits expected.

The study focuses on both existing and piloted electronic services. The research methods include questionnaires and interviews with professionals exploring the challenges and successful practices involved in implementing electronic services. Questionnaires are also being circulated among citizens to poll their experiences of the services and of interaction with professionals.

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Researchers of the subproject:
Sari Kujala, Johanna Kaipio and Iiris Hörhammer
e-mail addresses:

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