Kolmen henkilön palaveri

This subproject focuses on:

  • management of the new health and social services organisations at the local and regional level, work communities
  • national-level decision-making and steering
  • key matters in management competence and employee participation, such as:
    • implementing reorganisations so that the competence of both management and employees is consistent with the new operating structures and practices
    • management of new decentralised organisations
    • change management so as to attain the goal of genuine integration and multi-professional operations

The study analyses various reorganisation projects in the health and social services sector, of different types and at different stages of progress, from the perspective of steering and management, employee membership of their organisation, and competence management.

The materials include:

  • analyses of strategy documents
  • individual and focus group interviews

The study also involves collecting data through the COPE project personnel questionnaire, including a separate section concerning management. Data are also collected through a questionnaire circulated among healthcare and social welfare professionals and from the HR statistics of the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

The results from the various stages of data collection will be discussed and processed at organisation-specific seminars.

The project works in close cooperation and interaction with researchers, parties involved in the project and utilisers of the information.

Sanna Laulainen, Vuokko Niiranen, Joakim Zitting

Head of sub-project:

Vuokko Niiranen
Professor, Department of Health and Social Management

Other actors:

Sanna Laulainen
Senior Lecturer, Department of Health and Social Management

Joakim Zitting
Project Researcher, Department of Health and Social Management

Eija Fabritius
Communications Officer, Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies

University of Eastern Finland / Kuopio Campus

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