The COPE project is about studying and developing operations in a situation where the health and social services reform, digitalisation, multiculturalism and shortage of resources are contributing to a change in how we work, how we provide services and how we improve our competence and professional skills.

It is a multi-discipline project employing a variety of research methods. The project is divided into five themes, each with a separate subproject.

In addition to high-quality scientific research, the project emphasises interaction with operators in the sector and the distributing of information gained to decision-makers and other parties involved in an easily accessible and timely manner.

The purpose is to establish:

  • how the forthcoming changes in health and social services (particularly integration of care, digitalisation and the multiple provider model) will affect work, multi-professional teamwork, management and the division of duties, and also to explore how these changes will influence employees’ competence needs and professional decision-making
  • how digital services can support health and social services professionals and improve the quality of care from the customer’s point of view, and to find solutions for responding to the challenges of increasing digitalisation, for instance through user-oriented design and innovative work arrangements
  • how to improve the integration of immigrants into Finnish working life and increase the potential for leveraging their competence and skills in health and social services, and also how to make it easier to interact with immigrant customers
  • improved professional decision-making in an integrated service system and how this affects competence needs, and also to develop training and learning methods to ensure the availability of the competence and skills required in a changing work environment
  • how health and social services organisations and their administration and management need to be reformed to ensure the adoption of new work practices, lifelong learning and a sufficient level of expertise in the ongoing change.

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